Rank-and-file Dem blasts pro-union fascism

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Forced-labor unionists conjure a new fascistic Progressive Era

After hearing about labor and business collaborated to negate our right to vote on several amendments, I was disgusted to hear that once again our governor sold out to the labor unions and agreed to fight Coloradan's right to work. Catch that carefully...the governor is opposed to right-to-work. He has totally sold out to the labor unions who want to raise the price of everything by compelling workers to join unions and pay union dues.

Right to work is not only the Colorado way, it is the American way. There is a strong reason why union membership keeps falling, now perhaps at the lowest level in the 20-21 st centuries. Remember Hoffa and Gotti? And most recently Robert and Michael McKay, Michael "Mickey" Annucci, and this: Tom Baker, who headed Boeing's largest union for 12 years, was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison. Baker's crime: embezzling $33,531 from the 35,000 members he represented.These types and other union goons are apparently the type of people the governor want to oversee and control Colorado workers.

Obviously Ritter wants to sell workers rights to the unions, who have an unsavory past.As a life-long Democrat, I am disgusted by Ritter's actions, and will never support him again. I feel that he has betrayed everything we Democrats stand for...helping the workers, average people, and the middle class. Ritter's actions are nothing more than a low-class sellout to his new buddies, and intend to sacrifice the rights of Colorado workers to be free from union intimidation. We must all band together and fight FOR Amendment 47 and save our right to work.

Fie on you, governor. You are a disgrace.

Alan Beshany, Lakewood, CO


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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, please stop drinking the kool-aid!

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