Obama to strip workers of fundamental right

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Dems fight for union bigs, abandon the Little Guy

The Rev. Daniel Klawitter either does not understand the Employee Free Choice Act or is purposefully mischaracterizing the legislation.

The misnamed Employee Free Choice Act strips workers of a fundamental democratic right on the job. The EFCA places the decision to use signed cards or a private ballot in the hands of union organizers. And given the option, union organizers are going to use a public card-signing method which allows them to win 100 percent of the time rather than seek an election which they often lose.

Additionally, anyone who thinks increased unionization is an “economic uplift program” hasn’t been paying attention to the way the unions have crippled major American industries like steel and automobiles, leaving companies in ruin and many without a paycheck. Seems fair to let employees decide in private if they want to roll the dice on someone else playing fast and loose with their future.
We can’t let power-hungry Big Labor bosses and their friends in Congress do additional damage to the struggling economy, while taking away our right to privacy in the workplace.

J. Larson, Arvada


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