He will force disinterested workers into unions

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Why vote for Democrat Barack Obama?

What has he done other than condemn Bush and Cheney for all our problems, such as energy, economy, domestic and foreign affairs? What does he propose to do about energy? Will he drill for oil and gas and find alternative energies that will create jobs? Or will he listen to the left wing made up of lawyers, unions, environmental goofballs and anarchists who hate America? Is he going to give more power to the union bosses with the removal of the secret ballot usurping more of the citizens’ right to work?

What will he do about foreign affairs, especially terrorism? Will he talk to our enemies while they build their arsenals of destruction to kill Americans?

What will he do about the government unions that are destroying budgets across the country with their unfunded entitlements, while the unions in the private sector are destroying companies with their outlandish demands?

How is he going to balance the budget, save Social Security and provide all Americans with free health care? Where are the funds coming from?

How will he unite this country when the left believes in multiculturalism, diversity, affirmative action, abortion, more government, other languages, less responsibility, no death penalty for the most gruesome crimes, homosexual marriages, anti-religion, pro-union – everything I despise, as do millions of true Americans?

- Joe L. Souder Berwick, PA


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