Elections official: ACORN cheats deliberately

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Union-backed voter fraud group knows exactly what it's doing

This morning, Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed was on the Kirby Wilbur show, discussing ACORN's registration campaigns. Reed has come to the same conclusions that I have:
By now, there have so many of these incidents, in so many places, in so many elections, that we must conclude that ACORN operates so as to encourage fraudulent registrations — intentionally.

That's a harsh charge, but I think the evidence supports it. They hire practically anyone, including people with criminal records. When they can, they pay their workers by the number of registrations they turn in. Not valid registrations, just registrations. Inevitably some of these workers cheat. And I am absolutely convinced that the people who run ACORN (and similar groups) know that some of their workers will cheat.
Kudos to Reed for saying what needs to be said, especially during this campaign.

(I have had my differences with Reed over the years, particularly on mail ballots, but I think that he deserves considerable credit for improving election administration in this state. And, of course, he has been far better than his Democratic opponents. So I won't hesitate when I vote for Reed this November.)


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