Editorial: Investigate ACORN

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Union-backed voter fraud group becomes an embarrassment to Obama campaign

There simply is too much "smoke" involving voter registration drives by ACORN - the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - for there not to be some fire in the form of fraud. In fact, substantial proof of fraud in some areas already has been obtained by law enforcement authorities.

ACORN has been accused of submitting fraudulent voter registration forms in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. On Tuesday, Nevada authorities raided ACORN's Las Vegas office as part of an investigation into possible registration fraud.

ACORN, which receives a substantial amount of taxpayer funds, makes no secret of its liberal agenda. And its claims that accusations of fraud are politically motivated don't ring true. In Nevada, for example, the secretary of state who launched the investigation is a Democrat.

The message being sent by ACORN is clear: Wherever the association is involved in voter registration campaigns, authorities should be looking into the possibility that fraud has been a factor.

- The Editors


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