Class warfare used by unions to enslave gov't

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How much should we pay for gov't to collect dues for unions?

Backers of Amendment 49, which would prohibit union dues from being deducted from public payrolls, have filed a complaint with the Colorado secretary of state alleging that an opposing group failed to disclose its intention to campaign against them.

Instead, Coloradans For Middle Class Relief states in its registration with the secretary of state that it would campaign against Amendment 47, according to the complaint by Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute and author of Amendment 49. But Caldara said Coloradans For Middle Class Relief has sent out fliers on other ballot measures as well, including Amendments 49 and 54.

Steve Welchert, a consultant representing Coloradans for Middle Class Relief, declined to comment Thursday evening.

Amendment 47 would ban mandatory union fees for employees covered by collective bargaining and 54 would prevent sole- source contractors and unions from donating to political campaigns. All have drawn fierce opposition from unions and the business community. But Caldara insists that 49 is about good government and is not anti-union.


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