Circling the wagons around Obama's ACORN

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That's not the ACORN I once new

A blog post for the San Francisco Chronicle reports that ACORN representatives had a conference call with reporters the morning after the most recent presidential debate. The purpose of the call was to express their opinion that McCain is attempting to “hoodwink the American public” about ACORN in an effort to distract voters from what they call his “desperate” campaign.

Bear in mind that ACORN is being investigated in several states for voter fraud, and is already facing charges in some states.

But the big (but under-reported) news out of the conference call with reporters is this. According to the San Francisco Chronicle blog: “ACORN organizers this morning said that Sen. Barack Obama, as a local elected official in Chicago, participated in two training sessions for 50 volunteer leaders.”

Didn’t Obama just say in Wednesday’s debate that his only involvement with ACORN was that he represented them, along with other plaintiffs, regarding motor voter issues??

Will any reporter ask him about this omission and why he failed to include this information when discussing his involvement with ACORN??


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