Barack trained ACORN organizers in Class Warfare

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Part Two of a series: "What did Barack Obama teach ACORN?"
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It's time for America to learn what Barack Obama knows

You've heard the term "Class Warfare" and you may be hearing a lot more about it in the next four years.

When Barack Obama was a "community organizer" and trainer for an ACORN subsidiary, Project Vote, he taught from the 1971 book 'Rules for Radicals', by the late socialist Saul Alinsky. In the photo above-left, Obama is teaching Alinsky's principles of "Power Analysis" and "Relationships built on self-interest" as seen written upon the blackboard [click photo to enlarge.] This post contains another selection from Alinsky's "playbook of the Left."

Let's find out more about the man expected to be elected President of the United States next month.

The selection below, from Chapter 1, below, reveals:

• Community organizers have a Marxist view of society as divided into three rigid "classes".
• Voters divided into typical 'classes' carry 'thermopolitical' labels.
• To community organizers, our legal system exists for the upper class to criminalize the lower class.
• Invoking "hope" is a pre-planned to appeal to the lower class.
• Invoking "change" is a pre-planned to appeal to the middle and lower classes.
• Community organizers believe that folks in the middle class - the majority of our population - are "inert schizoids" who want change but are risk-averse.

Marxists make gross assumptions about the interests of people based upon rules that recognize a rigid class structure - "The Trinity" as described by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals. Marxists have to do this because seizing power in a revolution is too time-consuming to be able to actually pay attention to people as individuals.

Most folks realize that we do not live in a rigid class structure at all ... that the United States is the most upwardly mobile society in the world. This Marxist concept, like socialism itself, was an idea successfully applied in European class warfare, and transposed well at the beginning of Our Progressive Century in America but wore off over time.

Nevertheless, today's Marxists like Barack Obama never disbelieved in "classism" and practice Class Warfare as Saul Alinsky instructed.
from "Rules for Radicals", by Saul Alinsky, Chapter 1: The Purpose

Class Distinctions: The Trinity

The setting for the drama of change has never varied. Mankind has been and is divided into three parts: the Haves, the Have-Nots, and the Have-a-Little, Want Mores.

On top are the Haves with power, money, food, security, and luxury. They suffocate in their surpluses while the Have-Nots starve. Numerically, the Haves have always been the fewest. The haves want to keep things as they are and are opposed to change. Thermopolitically they are cold and determined to freeze the status quo.

On the bottom are the world's Nave-Nots. On the world scene they are by far the greatest in numbers. They are chained together in the common misery of poverty, rotten housing, disease, ignorance, political impotence, and despair; when they are employed their jobs pay the least and they are deprived in all areas basic to human growth. Caged by color, physical or political, they are barred from an opportunity to represent themselves in the politics of life. The Haves want to keep; the Have-Nots want to get. Thermopolitically they are a mass of cold ashes of resignation and fatalism, but inside there are glowing embers of hope which can be fanned by the building of means of obtaining power. Once the fever beings the flame will follow. They have nowhere to go but up.

They hate the establishment of the Haves with its arrogant opulence, its police, its courts, and its churches. Justice, morality, law, and order, are mere words when used by the Haves, which justify and secure their status quo. The power of the Have-Nots rests only with their numbers. It has been said that the Haves, living under the nightmare of possible threats to their possessions, are always faced with the question of "when do we sleep?" while the perennial question of the Have-Nots is "when do we eat?" The cry of the Have-Nots has never been "give us your hearts" but always "get off our backs"; they ask not for love but for breathing space.

Between the Haves and the Have-Nots are the Have-a-Little, Want Mores - the middle class. Torn between upholding the status quo to protect the little they have, yet wanting change so they can get more, they become split personalities. They could be describes as social, economic, and political schizoids. Generally, they seek the safe way, where they can profit by change and yet not risk losing the little they have. They insist on a minimum of three aces before playing a hand in the poker game of revolution. Thermopolitically they are tepid and rooted in inertia. Today in Western society and particularly in the Unites States they comprise the majority of our population.

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