Barack should reconsider ACORN

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Editorial blasts union-backed candidate "fought alongside ACORN ... my entire career"

ACORN — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — is in trouble with elections officials again.

Nevada authorities raided ACORN’s Las Vegas office Tuesday. The group is accused of including nonexistent names, fraudulent addresses and even the names of Dallas Cowboys football players among the list of new voters it submitted to election authorities in Clark County, Nev.

ACORN workers are already facing criminal investigations or have had charges related to voter fraud filed against them in a number of states as a result of activities undertaken during the last several election cycles.

The group also pushed for relaxed mortgage rules for low-income borrowers, although it is not accused of illegal activity for that.

Barack Obama, who once worked for ACORN in Ohio, told members of the group as recently as last November that he had been “fighting along side ACORN ... my entire career.”

It’s time he reconsider his involvement and support for ACORN.

- Editors


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