Barack Obama fails background test

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Unchecked Dems herald end of capitalism as we know it

If Barack Obama were to apply for a position with a federal, state or local governmental agency, or any law enforcement agency, all of which require a background check, he would almost certainly be denied based on his associations with terrorist William Ayers, convicted felon Tony Rezko, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and ACORN. Yet apparently the majority of voters are willing to trust him with the future of the United States. Amazing.

An Obama presidency, with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid controlling the House and Senate, would be a “veto-proof” (Reid's words) one-party socialist government, and socialism unchecked can become communism.

Does that bother you? It should. Is this an exaggeration? I don't think so. Please consider this when you enter the voting booth.

- Edward Currall, Yucca Valley


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