Barack goes on offense for organized labor

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ACORN hubub hides Obama's fascistic labor agenda

I know, with all of the ACORN news you probably think this is going to be about voter fraud. It is, but not the way you think. There is a secret vote in this country which is in great danger, and it is those who would vote who are being defrauded.

Americans have a secret ballot for good reason. By protecting the secrecy of the ballot people are free to vote their conscience, without fear of reprisal or ridicule. What goes on in that booth is between you and your still, small voice. Voting in the open has a restrictive effect on that voice, on your voice. Even school children know that voting should be done in secret, so that friends won't know who voted for whom.

There is one force in this country, however, who don't get it. They are a powerful force, and they use their own voice to great effect, and great reward. I'm talking of course, about unions. The labor unions are about power. That's the idea. The power of thousands of workers allied and exercising their will. Millions of men and women joined together in common cause, by their own free will and choosing. Right? Well, not for long. Not the free will part anyway, not if Democrats get their way.

At issue is the ridiculously misnamed "Employee Free Choice Act" much better known as the card check bill. This bill is being pushed by big labor in a coordinated effort to strip workers of their free choice. The unions put a lot of money into getting Democrats into Congress, spending in the hundreds of millions in 2006, and are expected to exceed that outlay in 2008. They want that which is a real possibility, a filibuster proof Democrat majority, bought and paid for.

The core problem, from big labor's point of view, is that they don't have enough of the workforce behind them, which undercuts their authority and their bottom line. They blame secret ballots for this deficiency. Workers vote in secret to determine whether or not to unionize. With a secret ballot, a worker is free to reject the union without fear of reprisal.

Labor proposes doing away with the traditional secret ballot in favor of a system in which an employer would be forced to recognize the union as soon as a simple majority (50% plus 1) of workers sign a union authorization card. This would not be in secret, so each worker would be subject to the pressure and scrutiny of his fellow employees, his boss, and the union bosses. Assuming the simple majority is achieved, the union would then be recognized as representative of all the employees, regardless of whether or not they signed an authorization card. No secret ballot would follow to ratify the union, they simply get 50% plus 1 to sign a card, and that's it. The other half of the employees get no say. The union would immediately have the weight of the Federal government behind them as they negotiate a new contract on behalf of the workers. Not only would the employees have been unable to vote their conscience in private, they would now be excluded from the right to approve or reject the contract. Oh, and they get to pay union dues, too.

So to put it rather simply, Big Labor has poured millions into the Democrat party so they may pressure their agenda on the workforce, an agenda which includes forcing themselves on shops across the land by the brute intimidation of the authorization card system and the abandonment of the core Democratic principle of a secret ballot. It's disenfranchisement on a massive scale, and it is not remotely in the interest of an employee's free choice.

One more thing. Barack Obama said he'd support the bill if (when) it comes up again. "We're ready to play offense for organized labor," he said. Of course you are ... they certainly paid well for it.


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