ACORN scandal reveals Obama's bad judgment

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Stench exposes Dem, Obama politics-as-usual

It’s very disturbing to learn about some of the individuals who are involved in Barack Obama’s campaign —former Fannie Mae executives who helped bring about our present economic crisis.

Franklin Raines — forced to retire as CEO at Fannie Mae when severe auditing irregularities were found — has advised Obama’s campaign. Tim Howard, once chief financial officer at Fannie Mae, is a chief executive officer for Obama, and Jim Johnson, former executive at Lehman Brothers — currently under investigation for taking illegal loans from Countrywide while serving at Fannie Mae — was hired as a senior finance officer.

Why in the world would Obama want to be involved with these individuals? They helped cause this economic mess in the first place. And Obama’s other longstanding, close relationships with William Ayers, the former terrorist who bombed the U.S. Capitol; indicted deloper Tony Rezko; Rasheed Kaliddi, Bernadine Dorn and the Rev. Wright, who damns America, all make Obama’s judgment suspect at best.

Recently there was a report regarding voter fraud in 15 states by ACORN, the community activist group supported by the Obama campaign to help turn out the Democrat vote for the November election.

A recent ACORN office was raided by federal officials on reports that employees falsified forms with fake names and made-up addresses.

In Hampton Roads, phony voter registration forms were filled out by paid employees of Community Voters Project, resulting in felony voter fraud charges.

“Democrat sheriffs in Fairfax and Petersburg are registering prison inmates to vote, some of whom are awaiting trial for felonies, and Gov. Kaine is rushing to restore voting rights to felons,” according to Jeff Frederick, Republican Committee chairman for Virginia.

Good judgment matters —character matters, and it comes down to who you feel is more qualified to lead and protect our country.

Sen. John McCain has proudly served his country in war and peacetime, and I believe his honest and sound judgment will enable this country to move forward while at the same time keeping us safe.

- Ginny Pegelow is a resident of Etlan.


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