ACORN funded by labor-state taxpayers

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FOB Dem Gov. rewarded union-backed voter fraud group with public's cash

Gov. Deval Patrick, a national co-chairman of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, teamed up with the Illinois senator to represent the controversy-plagued activist network ACORN in a 1993 case and secured money for the group in this year’s state budget, the Herald has learned.

Patrick secured a $33,000 grant for the Springfield branch of ACORN’s housing program in April. ACORN Housing New England Regional Director Theresa Naylor said the money was used for “foreclosure prevention.” She also said the agency’s housing arm has “nothing to do with” the voter registration program, which has been the subject of fraud allegations that have dogged Obama because of his ties to the group.

“We’re sister companies, but we’re two different organizations,” Naylor said.

In 1993, Patrick, then a Department of Justice lawyer, and Obama, as a private civil rights lawyer, teamed up to represent ACORN in a successful suit that forced Illinois officials to implement the “motor voter” law, which allows people to register to vote when they get a driver’s license.

ACORN has been accused of doctoring voter lists in key presidential battleground states by submitting bogus names such as Mickey Mouse and Dallas Cowboys players Tony Romo and Terrell Owens.

The agency’s Nevada offices were recently raided by state investigators, and the FBI is reportedly investigating the accusations. Republicans in Congress are also pushing for a probe. Obama has denied any involvement of his campaign in the suspect registration efforts.

ACORN officials say they haven’t been contacted by any federal investigators. In a statement on its Web site, the group says it closely monitors voter lists and takes swift action against activists who submit phony names.

Of the governor’s ACORN ties, Patrick spokesman Kyle Sullivan said: “The governor is very proud of his efforts at the Department of Justice and at the State House to make it easier for citizens to legally register to vote and to help families keep their homes.”

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Blair Latoff blasted Patrick, saying: “The fact that Gov. Deval Patrick would even consider rewarding ACORN with taxpayer dollars is astounding.”


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