ACORN caught in social justice double-standard

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Ain't it a shame - the union-backed voter fraud group doesn't practice what it preaches

ACORN has led the fight for social justice in communities across America. Unfortunately, a few cynical executives at the top of ACORN have denied the same social justice to ACORN's hardworking organizers.

Truth To Power is a national campaign to reform and strengthen our movement of social-justice organizers from the bottom up. With our allies, supporters, and members we are going to earn respect on the job and reform and strengthen our organizations at the same time. Our first campaign is focused on earning social justice for ACORN organizers.

Social Justice Agenda for Social Justice Organizers:

• ACORN management runs the organization's agenda and members are told what to do -- We demand that ACORN become a true member-run organization!

• ACORN activists fight for Living Wages but management refuses to pay a Living Wage and forces organizers to work 54-80 hours a week -- We demand a 40-hour work week and a Living Wage!

• ACORN organizers are fighting for 7 days of mandatory paid sick leave for the rest of workers -- but ACORN management only gives us 5 days!

• ACORN's membership is a beautiful rainbow of diversity, but ACORN management discriminates against minority Organizers - We demand management treat Hispanic and African-American organizers with respect!

• ACORN management pays organizers less than a Living Wage while it hid $1 million embezzlement -- We demand that ACORN management stops getting rich while we starve!

• ACORN management says it supports unions but busts union drives by ACORN organizers -- We demand the right to organize!


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