ACORN almost stole my vote

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Given the fact that Acorn has been in the news lately in association with Democratic Party add-ons to the proposed presidential economic bailout package, it might be useful for Springfield (PA) residents to be aware of that organization’s activities in our neighborhood. Two years ago, I received a notice in the mail from the Delaware County voter registration office in Media, stating that my request to vote in the county was denied. The document accurately stated my name and my home residence.

Since I had not sent in such a request, and I had in fact been voting in the Commonwealth regularly since 1980, the notice took me by surprise. Instructed to call a number for further information, I soon learned that someone from an organization called Acorn (which I mistakenly assumed was an environmental group) was trying to deprive me of my right to vote, and place someone, presumably of the same name, in the voting booth in my hometown in my place. I probed further and found out that a good number (at least several dozen) of my fellow Delaware Counteans had been subjected to the same experience, and that the District Attorney was planning to prosecute whomever was to blame.

This was simply incredible. Was this the Soviet Union? Nazi Germany? Who in their right mind would take a risk of having me show up at the polling place at the same time as the imposter? Did Acorn’s operatives not believe I and the other taxpayers they wronged have a right to vote? I have no knowledge of the outcome of any case resulting from Acorn’s voter fraud in Delaware County. However, I cannot help but imagine that if the case were about a Republican Party conspiracy to defraud voters in a largely Democratic district, there would have been no shortage of media coverage (to put it mildly).

My mother’s family has resided in Pennsylvania since 1742 and our ancestors served in the French and Indian War, the Revolution, and the Civil War (my grandmother’s grandfather almost lost his life in combat against the Confederacy). They would be shocked to learn that their descendant almost lost his right to participate in the political processes that their service helped to ensure because of Acorn’s voter fraud tactics. I myself am a tenured history professor and I perform what many regard as an important function within society. None of this mattered two years ago to the Acorn operatives, nor did the personal stories of the dozens of other law-abiding people who almost lost their right to vote in Delaware County.

Cordially, Dr. William Watson, Chair,
Dept of History and Politics, Immaculata University
Resident of Springfield Township


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