ACORN: Above the law

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Recently we have been inundated with accounts of fraudulent activities taking place in registering people to vote in the Nov. 4 general election.

Fraudulent activities apparently have been committed by people, or groups, committed to the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns. In other words, Democrats and Republicans alike have been up to no good in attempting to manipulate voter rolls prior to the general election. That's a shame because it tells us there exist people, or groups, who have no respect for the electoral process.

We specifically have read and heard about a man in California who was caught trying to fraudulently register more Republicans to vote. Not only should those registrants be banned from voting in the general election, the man in question should be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows.

We also have read and heard about the shenanigans committed by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

ACORN is a so-called non-profit, grassroots organization comprised of low- and moderate-income people across the country. It was organized in 1970.

ACORN supposedly establishes community organizations, which supposedly are committed to social and economic justice. ACORN registers people to vote, too. It receives federal funding as well to help pay for its operations.

In short, ACORN is expected to operate as a non-profit, bipartisan organization void of any overt political activities. At least that's what non-profits are supposed to do.

However, that's not what ACORN has been up to lately.

Instead, the organization has been caught red-handed submitting fraudulent voter registration forms. Worse, as late as June of this year, one of the organization's leaders publicly called on ACORN advocates to do what they had to do to help elect Barack Hussein Obama president.

While we have no reason to question the intent that was envisioned when ACORN was founded some 38 years ago, it is obvious the organization has evolved into a political arm, animal, of the Democratic Party.

Congress should cut off any and all federal funding for ACORN, and the organization should be investigated for committing voter fraud.

Anyone who is discovered to have committed voter fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

After all, no one, or group, is above the law, including ACORN.

- Sam Hanna, Jr.


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