Worker: EFCA is change for the worse

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Mr. Michael Day does not have his facts straight regarding the Employee Free Choice Act or the unionization process.

Currently, when employees want to unionize, there is a process. First, 30 percent of employees sign authorization cards to initiate the government-supervised secret ballot election. If a majority of employees (which is more than 50 percent) vote yes to the union, employers must recognize the employees are represented by a union.

This process is necessary for employees, employers and union organizers. It provides time, knowledge and a fair process for all participants. If the Employee Free Choice Act is passed, all of this will change for the worse.

First, employees will be subjected to intimidation by union workers. Mr. Day should recall the reason for the Labor Relations Act of 1935: union worker intimidation.

Second, employees will no longer have the time or full knowledge to make an informed and conscious decision.

Third, employees will no longer have the ability to have a private ballot, making his/her opinion public for not only the union organizers but also the employers.

Finally, a majority vote would not be needed for employees to become unionized. Union workers would only need 50 percent of employees to sign the authorization cards. Once 50 percent of authorization cards were signed, employees would be represented by a union, even if the other 50 percent of employees opposed being unionized.

Mr. Day talks about how Wal-Mart despises unions. I won’t disagree, but allowing passage of this new legislation will only make the unionization process more difficult for the employees of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart would have access to how employees voted during the unionization process, and the mindset of Wal-Mart’s CEO won’t change regarding unions so the same problems will still exist.

Mr. Day said, “As long as there are corporations like Wal-Mart, there is a need for unions.”

I agree.

The current process of unionization allows for this. Also, Mr. Day cannot cite a different example of another corporation that isn’t willing to work to better employees’ conditions.

The passage of this legislation will make the unionization process less democratic and less safe for the employee.

Mr. Day knows the only ones benefiting from this legislation are the union organizers; no one else.

Jessica Stromp, department store employee, Baton Rouge


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