Union-backed voter fraud group in full swing

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One of the largest independent voter registration groups was under fire Tuesday night. The election commission said it is working full time registering voters, while at the same time making sure those registrations are legitimate. While Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett insists everything is being done to ensure a clean election, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker said it is not enough.

In a small room at the Milwaukee headquarters of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the phone is in constant use.

Workers are double checking the information on stacks of voter registration cards. ACORN has come under fire recently for turning in fraudulent cards.

“We don't want Wisconsin to become the Florida of 2008,” Walker said.

Walker wants the city's election commission to review the tens of thousands of voter cards handed in by ACORN and all other groups.

“Go through each and every one of these cards and make sure these individuals are who they say they are,” Walker said.

Barrett is crying foul. He said Walker is using a partisan attack to suppress votes.

“We have done everything to make sure this is the cleanest and fairest election we've had in this city,” Barrett said.

As for ACORN, they said by state law they must turn in all voter cards that are filled out and that's why they have workers check and double check each card. When a worker finds a problem, they point that out to the election commission before turning it in.

“Callers called every voter registration card to verify the person actually exists, they were at the address and if missing info we would try to get it,” ACORN political director Carolyn Castore said.

Workers who turn in fraudulent cards could face criminal charges. The district attorney is expected to talk about that Wednesday when he unveils an election fraud task force.

The bipartisan group made of people from the district attorney’s office, Milwaukee Police Department and the state Department of Justice will investigate all election-related concerns.


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