Union-backed fraud in Land of Enchantment

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Ruling keeps pressure on ACORN

New Mexico judge denies ACORN and affiliated groups motion for preliminary injunction with regards to third party rules on voter registration EJ will post the decision shortly.

Recently, we posted ACORN’s affiinity to hire rapist, thieves and drug dealers in New Mexico.

Ironically, earlier this morning, Albuquerque Journal reported that more than 1,000 new voter registration cards received by the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office in advance of the November general election might be frauds, the county clerk said Tuesday.
In addition, “We do have a series of cards identified that appear to be (names) taken straight out of the phone book,Toulouse Oliver said.
Toulouse Oliver said the number of potential frauds could grow: The Clerk’s Office still has a backlog of about 6,000 registrations it needs to enter into the voter registration system. She said she did not know how many cards in the current stack of questionable registrations were submitted by ACORN, though she said that group this year has done the majority of so-called third-party registrations - those that aren’t turned in by the voters themselves but are submitted by groups organized to enlist new registrants.


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