Teamsters take unexpected dues hit

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Labor-state blues for militant unionists

Layoffs announced in August at BorgWarner (Ithaca, NY) are greater than expected. In addition to 240 employees that were laid off in late August, 90 employees were laid off last week, a BorgWarner spokesman said.

Scott Pronti, the lead human resources manager for BorgWarner, said the added layoffs are part of the company's nationwide restructuring plan. The cause for the additional layoffs is part of the larger economic picture. He said that BorgWarner is “seeing an impact to our business right now.”

Pronti said he could not comment on the details of worker compensation packages for the laid off employees. Pronti said he supported what Mark May, vice president for the Teamsters Local 317, said Thursday.

“They would love to have everybody back to work,” May said. “I know they're not happy about this. They want to have a maximized workforce.”


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