Teachers strike compared to extortion

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A teacher strike is tantamount to legalized extortion. Thirty-seven states have banned teacher strikes, and it is high time for Pennsylvania to pull itself into the 21st century and face up to the economic, educational and social impact that teacher strikes have. The first unions were badly needed; today they are out of hand. Teachers hold our children hostage to get what they want financially.

I have no idea whether local teacher salaries and benefits are on a par with others. Those issues are better left to the school boards. But when property owners pay their taxes, they expect educational services to be delivered according to a calendar that is set in advance.

When teachers go on strike and working families have to scramble and high school students miss out on education that is important for entrance to college, taxpayers just have to put up with it in Pennsylvania. It's time for that to change.

- Polly Beste


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