Secret ballots protect rights of union workers

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Labor bigs: Who needs secret-ballots, anyway?

The right of workers to form a union is vital to American freedom, but the secret ballot is fundamental to it. Yet, Barack Obama and most Democrats in Congress are acting like marionettes as labor unions pull the strings to deny workers a secret vote when deciding whether to organize.

The so-called "card-check" legislation would allow a union to form when a majority of workers publicly affix their names to a document stating their desire for representation. The potential for abuse is obvious. Forget peer pressure, and instead think about union goons strong-arming members to sign up. Toe the line, or else!

Related video: "Employee Forced Choice Act"

The Democrats have given the pending legislation the Orwellian name of the "Employee Free Choice Act." It should be called the "Sign Up, Or We'll Break Your Kneecaps Act."

Floridians should be outraged. This is a "right to work" state, where voters can't be forced to join or contribute dues to a union as a condition of employment. The Democrats' knee-capping legislation wouldn't change that, but it would undermine Florida workers who understand unionizing doesn't necessarily lead to greater prosperity. Just look at the thriving auto industry in right to work states, and the dying one in Michigan.

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The patently undemocratic legislation should be a source of shame for an organization that refers to itself as the "Democratic Party." Yet, few of its members have had the courage to speak out against it.

George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee, is one who has. A decorated bomber pilot in World War II, McGovern is no stranger to flak, and he's received a lot of it from all the anti-democrats among his fellow Democrats.

"Voting is an immense privilege," McGovern wrote in a column printed in The Wall Street Journal. "As a longtime friend of labor unions, I must raise my voice against pending legislation I see as a disturbing and undemocratic overreach not in the interest of either management or labor."

He could have added that it's not in the interest of the United States of America, a nation that has pressured despots throughout the world to hold free and fair elections using secret ballots. What kind of despots would deny workers in this country the secret ballot when deciding whether to organize?

Sen. Obama, you now stand as the head of the Democratic Party. Find the courage to join McGovern in setting your fellow Democrats straight.

- Kingsley Guy



Unknown said...

Agreed with you sir! And nice add of McGovern's quote. Senator Obama should have the guts to admit that this is indeed a faulty move and anti "Democratic" in every way imaginable. This is not the something that is bipartisan and best for the country as Obama is supposed to symbolize but this this is nothing but sheer pandering to the unions. And disappointing that the unions are in such a state that they not only can't sell themselves but have to cheat the American people freedoms to get their "benefits" for employees. And despicably named to boot. (Was doing my own blog about this when i saw yours and thought it was so agreeable I wanted to comment on it myself)

Anonymous said...

agree but in these times of political foolery, what measures can be taken against these goons in labor to try and get interest on this topic. Just saw the SEIU piece by lou dobbs and it is scary - not America by any means. Need an outlet to fight these self serving idiots.

Anonymous said...

Unions have long since outlived their usefulness. However, I suppose Americans have the right to form one if they choose. The balloting-method should remain secret, or what's the point in voting anyway? Either continue with the secret ballot, or allow "president" O'Bama to turn us all into socialists...

Anonymous said...

The "union" labor movement is putting America in the gutter. The union concept served a vital means of protecting the American worker back in the early to mid-1900's, however, those days are gone. The unions are now jacking up the costs of production across the country. Need I remind you that the average GM union worker is paid $145 per hour? And you union members expect America to remain competitive?

Anonymous said...

you people are retarded, unions are the only way to get ahead in the world today without going to college. im proudly a uaw member who works for caterpillar and wouldnt have it any other way.

Anonymous said...

i had difficulty, while reading your post, determining whether you were for or against unions. to my understanding, ballots to form unions as of right now are not by any means secret. the majority of employees wanting to become union must sign for it multiple times, and if the employer doesn't agree to have unions work for him/her, he/she can draw out the process and make employees wait years for any progress. all the while, the employer can coerce employees against forming unions, even firing ones who speak of joining. right now, the only compensation for unjustly firing someone in that position is 1 back pay, if that. this petition in fact, gives more rights to the employee. of course those that want a union will be known to want a union, bc they will try to be in that union. if the members are to remain secret, how will anyone know who is in the union? union elections have never been like government office elections. under this law, employers will not have the right to unjustly terminate employment to those wishing to join a union. and if they do such a thing under this law, the employer would be forced to pay up to 3 back pays. also, if agreements cannot be made between the potential union members and employer, binding arbitration may take place, eliminatiing the lengthy processes that employers can create. so...i don't know about you, sir. your post seems all over the place and not focused on facts. your 2 second video of obama didn't cover anything he directly said about this bill. you simply edited it to your liking. however i am all for this bill. give rights back to employees, those who keep this country running.

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