Right To Work law: True choice for workers

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Why should workers be forced to pay unions as a condition of employment?

There is no getting around the fact that the proposed “right to work” amendment — Amendment 47 — on the Nov. 4 ballot will weaken unions. But that is not our problem.

No person should ever be forced to join a group or organization under any circumstances. No person should ever be forced to pay a group or organization under any circumstances.

That unions have this authority is not right, and as such, this is a case where we do not care if unions are weakened by this amendment. It is just what is right.

The measure will not des­troy unions. It merely will make them more responsible to their members, harkening back to why they were created in the first place.

Instead of having the security of forced membership or forced wage dues, unions will have to earn worker participation.

We do not see anything wrong with that.

We are, however, concerned about voting for yet another amendment to the Colorado Constitution.

It seems every time Coloradans do this, it screws something up and we have to spend another year or two living within a broken system before going back to the voting booth for a fix.

Unfortunately, a constitutional amendment is the only way. We do not want legislators voting on this, because it is too big for them to decide. We want the people to decide for themselves.

We do not hate unions, nor do we want them dismantled. We simply believe membership should be a free choice.

If it were not for unions, there would not be a blue-collar middle class, and upward mobility would be limited in our society. Businesses can be trusted to do what is best for them, not their workers.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for modern union leaders.

We think both should be checked by the same principle: We may decide to work for your business or join your organization, or we may decide your business or organization are a waste of time and move on.


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