Reforming ACORN from within?

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Union-backed voter-fraud group is a notoriously anti-worker employer

A longtime labor and community activist today officially announced the launch of a national campaign to achieve the very social justice for ACORN organizers, which they fight for on behalf of others every day.

Gregory Hall said his Truth To Power (TTP) organization is dedicated to reforming the progressive movement to ensure that it lives by its own principles. TTP's first campaign will focus on reforming the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), the nation's largest community organization employing hundreds of hard-working, dedicated community organizers. Unfortunately, according to Hall, top ACORN management has adopted a sweatshop model extracting 54-80 hours per week for salaries starting around $25,000.

"A lot of people know ACORN fights for living wages and fairness at home and on the job," Hall said. "But most people out there don't know that a few really powerful top ACORN managers force ACORN organizers to work extremely long hours for too little pay. These guys attack companies like Wal-Mart, but management acts exactly like Wal-Mart."

Hall, who has been an organizer and reformer within SEIU and worked briefly at ACORN before walking out in disgust over the alleged organizational corruption, continued: "The first step in reforming America is reforming our own progressive movement. Once we can achieve social justice for social justice organizers, we can start making the world a more progressive place."

Truth To Power's campaign will be modeled on social justice efforts carried out by ACORN and labor organizations. TTP will work with a broad range of progressive groups and internal reformers. The campaign will focus on using ACORN's stated principles and asking that organizers receive exactly the same working conditions they fight for in campaigns across America.

"We've already started hearing from reform groups and a good amount of ACORN organizers who want to work with us to reform the organization," Hall said. "To them, we say 'please join our cause.'"

About Truth to Power:
Truth To Power is a national campaign to reform and strengthen our movement of social-justice organizers from the bottom up. With our allies, supporters, and members we are going to earn respect on the job and reform and strengthen our organizations at the same time.

Contact: Gregory Hall
Phone: 919-721-7363
Email: gregory.hall@speakingtruth2power.org
Web site: http://speakingtruth2power.org/acorn/


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