Progs deflect attention from voter-fraud effort

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A handy scapegoat if unprecedented ACORN voter-registration fraud falls short

An often repeated myth by progressives may prove highly destructive.

One of the most infuriating talking points among American progressives is that if Barack Obama loses the elections it will be due to ‘white racism.’ They do not have a whole lot of facts to back their claim up, merely rhetoric and emotional outbursts. And, seemingly, a deep belief in the racist nature of american society.

These claims are breathlessly reported in Europe; here too, no conclusive evidence is offered. ‘It goes without saying that America is racist,’ the general idea seems to be. ‘Why, everybody knows that.’

The main reason everybody ‘knows’ American society is inherently racist is, of course, because progressives keep saying it. Whenever the possibility of an Obama defeat is brought up, the instant reaction is ‘if this would happen, it would be because he’s black.’ Interestingly, these same individuals never admit that, following their logic, an Obama victory would proof that America is not racist; such a victory would merely mean that, somehow, the racist tendencies were overwon… for once.

But, ironically, the ones loudest condemning America for perceived racism aren’t European progressives. They’re Americans. Progressive bloggers and journalists have repeated hundreds of times in the last couple of months that if Obama loses, it’s due to ‘the race issue.’ As Dennis Prager documented, the following people made this claim:

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic: “White racism means that Obama needs more than a small but clear lead to win.”

Jack Cafferty of CNN: “The polls remain close. Doesn’t make sense … unless it’s race.”

Jacob Weisberg of Newsweek and Slate: “The reason Obama isn’t ahead right now is … the color of his skin. … If Obama loses, our children will grow up thinking of equal opportunity as a myth.”

Nicholas D. Kristof of New York Times: “Religious prejudice (against Obama) is becoming a proxy for racial prejudice.”

Gerald W. McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, in a speech to union workers: “Are you going to give up your house and your job and your children’s futures because he’s black?”

Many progressive supporters of Obama have convinced themselves of the above. If Obama loses, it’s not because of his views, but because of the color of his skin.

Sadly for them, however, race will probably not have all that much to do with the outcome of the elections. No, these elections will, clearly, be decided on the issues and on character. American voters will vote for the person they consider best able to deal with America’s problems. This person will win, regardless of his race.

That is not what many progressives want to accept, however. To them, Obama’s policies and past votes make perfect sense; why, they are in complete agreement with each other. When they talk to their friends and colleagues they find that the latter agree 100% with them. If everybody finds Obama’s views great, how can he lose if not for race?

The problem is that their friends are also liberals. Liberals like Obama because he’s a liberal. This makes perfect sense. Conservatives liked Ronald Reagan because he was a conservative. Moderates liked - and to a degree still like - John McCain because he was (is) one of them, or at least compared to most other elected officials in Washington.

What these progressives have to understand is that they will cause a major firestorm, and solely they will be responsible for it, if Obama does indeed lose - and that is a very real possibility. If Obama loses, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people will buy into the myth that it was all due to race. This could very well result in massive protests, massive destruction and, not unimportant, growing anger among certain groups towards American society as a whole. That, it seems to me, is not good for anyone. Especially not when the anger is based on a myth.


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