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The Union Agenda: Forced-membership dues to feed politicians

In the not-too-distant future, when workers begin to wonder why, after falling for Barack Obama's rhetoric and electing he and his fellow union-controlled Democrats to control our federal government, the economy tanks even further and more jobs are lost, they need only to look back at all the "feel-good" bills that Obama and his cronies are pushing today--all of which will have a seriously negative impact on companies and their ability to maintain (let alone) create jobs.

To that end, dear readers, here is a partial list of the legislation that has already been introduced (or is being pushed) that employers should expect to see enacted if Obama wins and the Democrats obliterate the GOP in the Senate to the point their is no ability for a GOP filibuster:

* Employee Free Choice Act (no-vote unionism and binding arbitration 120 days after unionization)
* Elimination of Right-to-Work states (making all 50 states forced unionization states)
* Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (eliminates statutes of limitations on pay discrimination claims)
* Healthy Families Act (mandates seven paid sick days for employers with more than 15 workers)
* Expanding FMLA to include parenting responsibilities (i.e., parent-teacher conferences) and literacy training
* Arbitration Fairness Act (eliminates PRE-dispute arbitration agreements)
* Public Employee-Employer Cooperation Act (unionizes EMS, Fire & Police at the local and state levels)
* WARN Act expansion to smaller companies
* ADA Restoration Act (expands the definition of disability)
* Protecting America's Workers Act (increases penalties--to include prison time--for employers guilty of "willfully" OSHA)
* Legalizing undocumented workers...and, of course,
* Nationalization of America's Health Care System

Note: The above list is a partial list that encompasses only that which we know about today. Obviously, this doesn't include the tax hikes that Barack Obama has promised to inflict on America.

Recently, we have heard that the cost to fulfill Barack Obama's campaign promises may be higher than $800 billion, an amount that Mr. Obama says he can save by reducing the amount America is spending on our military.

We do not believe that the $800 billion price tag accounts for the amount of company closures and subsequent unemployment that any of the initiatives listed above will cost America or her workers.


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