Obama, Acorn, And Voter Fraud

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Union-backed voter fraud group gains attention

Barack Obama, being a community organizer, Acorn, and voter fraud are all in the news today. Sarah Palin, in her acceptance speech at the RNC made a pointed reference to mention Barack Obama's "community organizer" experience as if it was a bad thing. Now, several of the organizations are fighting back.
"Community organizers work in neighborhoods that have been hit hardest by the failing economy," said John Raskin, founder of Community Organizers of America and a community organizer on the West Side of Manhattan. "The last thing we need is for Republican officials to mock us on television when we;re trying to rebuild the neighborhoods they have destroyed. Maybe if everyone had more houses than they can count, we wouldn't need community organizers. But I work with people who are getting evicted from their only home. If John McCain and the Republicans understood that, maybe they wouldn't be so quick to make fun of community organizers like me."
Acorn, an organization that was the subject of a voter fraud scandal in 2006 is the largest such organization. Acorn has a political action committee which endorsed Barack Obama for President.
"What it came down to was that Senator Obama is the candidate who best understands and can affect change on the issues ACORN cares about like stopping foreclosures, enacting fair and comprehensive immigration reform, and building stronger and safer communities across America."

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