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Non-eligible voters set to defraud 2008 election

Barack Obama’s old friends at ACORN have been busy this election cycle. The McCain campaign had a golden opportunity to bring the left-wing, tax-subsidized con artists to light, but McCain’s already blown it with his effusive praise for Obama’s “outstanding” community organizer record last week at Columbia University.

Anyway, we forge ahead. Hoping the truth will get out there. Hoping that people will change their minds about Obama and his radical Chicago-based racket of election saboteurs and anti-free market thugs. Hoping that someone else in the MSM will start asking pointed questions about the $800,000 Obama failed to report in hidden payments to ACORN under the name of a left-wing non-profit front group.

Meanwhile, in Detroit:
Several municipal clerks across the state are reporting fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications, most of them from a nationwide community activist group working to help low- and moderate-income families.

The majority of the problem applications are coming from the group ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which has a large voter registration program among its many social service programs. ACORN’s Michigan branch, based in Detroit, has enrolled 200,000 voters statewide in recent months, mostly with the use of paid, part-time employees.

“There appears to be a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications,” said Kelly Chesney, spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office. “And it appears to be widespread.”
Yeah, duh.

And in Cleveland:
A national organization that conducts voter registration drives for low-income people has curtailed its push in Cuyahoga County after the Board of Elections accused its workers of submitting fraudulent registration cards.

The board is investigating the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Results of the inquiry could be turned over to the county prosecutor.

Board employees said ACORN workers often handed in the same name on a number of voter registration cards, but showing that person living at different addresses. Other times, cards had the same name listed, but a different date of birth. Still another sign of possible fraud showed a number of people living at an address that turned out to be a restaurant.

“I’m obviously very concerned,” Board Chairman Jeff Hastings said. “This goes to the essence of our democracy.”
Which is why the McCain campaign should be pressing Obama’s longtime ties to ACORN hard.

But they won’t.

John Fund has, though. And he’s updated his book, Stealing Elections, with the goods:
Election 2008 is poised to become worse than the Florida meltdown of 2000 as numerous factors foreshadow a replay of Florida’s court battles and recounts - but this time in more than one state.

In his book, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, seasoned columnist and political analyst John Fund reveals voter fraud scandals across the country that threaten to drag Election Day 2008 into Election Month. 10,000 lawyers have been recruited for Election Day ’08, and that’s just on the Democratic side. Voter fraud scandals everywhere from Seattle to Miami have rocked elections in the past several years and many of the problems encountered have not been resolved.

“This will be the first presidential election where the full impact of new federally-mandated provisional ballots will be felt,” said John Fund. “Any person who is not on the voter registration lists this November must be given a provisional ballot, which will be set aside and counted if found valid later. A tug of war over provisional ballots may be inevitable in key states where the margin of victory is no greater than the number of provisional ballots cast. Both campaigns would once again send squadrons of lawyers to any closely contested state to watch and argue as every single provisional ballot in the state is reviewed and a determination is made as to whether it should be counted. Results could once again be delayed for weeks after Election Day.”

Stealing Elections uncovers perhaps the most disturbing reason why this election’s credibility is in jeopardy. The Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, is intimately linked to ACORN, a supposedly non-partisan voter registration organization that has had many of its activists indicted and convicted of voter fraud violations. Senator Obama has been involved with ACORN throughout his career and in turn, ACORN’s political arm has endorsed him while its “non-political arm” is “pledging to spend $35 million this year registering voters— most real but many fictional.”

Stealing Elections reveals shocking truths about how Barack Obama was supported by the notorious Chicago Daley machine that stops at nothing to win elections, how ACORN led “the worst case of voter-registration fraud” in Washington State’s history, and how the 2008 elections are on a collision course to create the perfect storm of controversy as disputed provisional votes, absentee ballots and an army of lawyers disputing results all converge in closely contested states.

Fund’s Stealing Elections reveals exclusive details including:

· Obama’s First Election: How Obama dismissed complaints of vote fraud even in notoriously dodgy Chicago precincts while at the same time owes his first political office to his ability to deploy lawyers and throw every single one of his opponents off the ballot.

· Voter Fraud Nation: Seattle, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, San Francisco, Miami, Milwaukee, St. Louis and many other cities may be front and center in the news as they seek to overcome past election SNAFUS and voter fraud controversies that if repeated could affect the outcome of the 2008 election.

· Incompetence: From the national level to city hall, voting precincts in many states are ill-prepared to handle the influx of absentee ballots, provisional votes and illegal voter registrations that could overwhelm election systems in many states this November.
Someone send a copy to Team McCain. They could use a clue.


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