Labor unionists have it all wrong

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Collectivism is not the answer to America's problems

No matter how many times Barack Obama repeats this rhetoric about corporate greed and lack of oversight, it will still be Democrats who blocked John McCain's reform bill in 2006, Democrats who denied President Bush's increased oversight in 2003, Democrats who pressured banks to give loans to people who could not afford them, and Democrats, especially Barack Obama, who took huge campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on their way down. Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) created this mess. More government control is not the solution; it's the problem.

How dare Obama go on TV and pretend that Democrats just want to protect regular people while their opponents just want to protect Wall Street when the only thing keeping the people at risk are unacceptable Democrat ploys to, for instance, steer money from the bailout to corrupt left-wing activist groups like ACORN, even as they face criminal charges in several states for fraud.

In addition to lower taxes, fiscal reforms and reversing the Democrat ban on American energy supplies, McCain advocates ending liberal policies that pressure banks to give mortgages to people who can't afford them with the safety net of taxpayer-funded bailouts.

But Barack Obama continues to smear him as having no ideas, avoiding the issues, and adopting the failed policies of the past. Yet it is the candidate of "change" himself who comes from the corrupt Chicago political machine and spends his time clinging to the repeatedly failed policies of higher taxes, more government and no American energy supplies.

And it is the candidate of "ideas and issues" who runs ads ridiculing McCain for assuring us that Democrats have not completely destroyed our economy yet and for his inability to use computers due to his torture as a POW.

- Robert Moon is a Cincinnati resident.


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