IAM-Boeing strikers welcome 'time off'

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Striking Boeing Workers Admit That They Just Wanted A Vacation

If you're looking for a redux of Harlan County U.S.A. in Everett, Washington at the Boeing strike, you're out of luck. The machinists who walked out to protect their jobs from getting outsourced see this work stoppage as a vacation, says Reuters.


* Around-the-clock picket lines outside the main Seattle-area factories were sparsely attended over the weekend and on Monday.

* Some workers will tell you this is a great opportunity to do work on their houses or even to go hunting in the forests of Washington state.

* "We don't take this lightly, but some people vote to strike just to get some time off. It's hunting season," said Richard McCabe, 38, a wing-line mechanic in Renton, who added that the overtime work is taking its toll on the rank-and-file.

* "I voted 'no' just to get a vacation. You work a lot of hours and you just get tired," said assembly-line mechanic Brian Gross, 46, referring to Wednesday's vote on whether to accept Boeing's "best and final" offer.


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