Consumer critic raps ACORN, union wish list

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FUBAR bailout rewards perps

So a huge chunk of this proposed bailout is going to end up in the coffers of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now? Before you do anything else, check out this report - "ACORN's Hypocritical House of Cards: How One "Community" Group Helped the Housing Crisis Harm Taxpayers" — by the Consumers Rights League. Just two days ago James Terry, CRL's chief counsel, was testifying before Congress about ACORN's long record of widespread voter-registration fraud — is there any mischief of shakedown ACORN isn't into? CRL is all over this hyper-left outfit so beloved by Obama: you'll find additional charges of ACORN corruption here and here.

I just don't get it on the bailout plan. Our issues, and things that matter to conservatives — such as a capital gains tax cut, limited governmett — are immediately scoffed at, and ruled non-starters, because of the enormity of the consequences the American economy faces. But this bailout seems to be developing into a lefty Christmas tree, and that's just something conservatives will just have to swallow. Unless ACORN gets sprinkled with this pixie dust, unless John Sweeney and his hugely overpaid labor buddies get their wish list adopted, we are going to have a depression? Stop the world, I want to get off.

- Linda Devore


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