Community organizers compared to socialists

Modern-day socialist cites Jane Addams

I was shocked and extremely disheartened while watching the speeches at the Republican National Convention. Throughout the speeches, the sheer level of hate spewed by the speakers made me sick to my stomach. Especially upsetting were the wisecracks about community organizers. These men and women have the gall to laugh at community organizers?

Community organizers have been on the front lines of fighting against poverty, against racism, against sexism and many more pivotal issues. Where would we be without community organizers such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Jane Addams?

Addams was an incredibly important figure in the development of educational facilities, and King was vital to the civil rights movement.

The speakers and delegates at the Republican National Convention are clearly trying to continue to make our elections be about divisiveness, rather than uniting us, about tearing down their opponent rather than giving a concrete plan for the economy and the other important issues of our times.

As voters, we cannot let this continue to happen. We must let them know that elections are about the issues, not about tearing us apart.

- Casey Gallagher, Salem


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