Collectivists gather in Cleveland

Ohio unionists put politics first

Before nearly 700 delegates from across Ohio - the leader of the state’s AFL-CIO made clear that he thinks this year’s presidential election is a watershed moment for the nation. Big labor is solidly behind Barack Obama, and Ohio’s Joe Rugola said having a Democrat in the White House is key to growing Ohio’s manufacturing base again.

JOE RUGOLA: “We will never give up on the idea that America must re-industrialize, and that Ohio has to lead the way in that effort.”

The opening session’s keynote speaker was Governor Ted Strickland - who, while carefully avoiding politics since his trip was at state expense, left a message that resonated with the gathering.

GOVERNOR STRICKLAND: “We must do what we can for ourselves, while hoping and praying for a better day, and a more enlightened leadership.”

Delegates are honoring their long history tuesday night with a reception at Cleveland Browns Stadium. The old AFL and CIO merged fifty years ago.


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