Barack's connections to voter fraud exposed

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Will Barack now throw union-backed ACORN under the bus?

Stemming from noble roots, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a self proclaimed non-partisan group devoted to fighting for social justice. It formed in 1970 and has worked on ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage, sought to register voters in historically underserved communities, and is known as a community organization to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, ACORN is also plagued with the wrongdoings of some employees, such as the voter fraud charges reported by the Seattle Times illustrate. It is this very organization which has now been connected to community organizer and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

You see, the law firm where Barack Obama plied his trade prior to entering the wild and woolly world of elected office represented ACORN in its suit against Household International, Inc. that netted the community organization a hefty sum for its financial counseling and literacy programs, according to a HSBCUSA press release.

The Tangled Web of Organizations, Their Offshoots, and Barack Obama

World Net Daily is raising the question if the Obama campaign is actively seeking to obscure any connection that exists between the candidate for President and Citizens Services Inc. (CSI), which is called an organization that originated within ACORN and then branched off.

The ties between the two organizations are close, and the report mentions $800,000 as the kind of cost that would cover the services rendered by Citizen Services Inc. Cost for what? According to FEC filings mentioned, they were for stage lighting (among other things). It is unclear when a community organization entered this line of business, but OK.

An unwelcome spotlight is now being shone on Barack Obama and his close ties to what are considered extremely left leaning organizations that muddle with the holy cow so many hold sacred: the free market, capitalism, and the American way. Why is money changing hands?


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