Barack engages ACORN for voter fraud

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Union-backed group promotes dead voters and ballot box stuffing

The Democrat primary revealed that Obama operatives would commit fraud and perpetrate dirty tricks to get their candidate elected. For example, numerous volunteers working in the caucuses across the Mid-West were aware of ‘outsiders’ participating in the caucuses they were assigned were voting multiple times for Obama. Ballot reviews and subsequent investigations of selected precinct results determined very high percentage numbers of Obama absentee ballots were mysteriously cast by dead voters. In addition, reports were also received from election officials indicating that far more ballots were cast than listed on the official voter roles suggesting that corruption played a part in the results.

Paid large sums of reported and, undoubtedly, unreported ‘donations’ by Barack Obama’s election committee the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, ACORN, ensured that he won the Democrat’s primary. Armed with the largest war chest, Obama had early caucus wins in the sparsely inhabited Mid-West but was unable to pull off wins in major states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. In just over six weeks, the specter of a primary ACORN replay could be perpetrated in key contested states like Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Recognizing the potential for an ACORN type replay on election day, New Hampshire officials expressed concern on September 22rd (1.) about ‘padded’ numbers of new registered voters.

Faced with the distinct possibility that Barack Obama’s paid and unpaid zealots will try to steal the presidential election as they stole the Democratic primary, the American people must prevent a replay. To this end, it is strongly recommended that digital cameras and cell phones be on hand at all times in and around voting precincts to record any suspicious activity. For example, bus and vans transporting suspicious ‘outsiders’ need to be photographed and the license plates of the vehicles carrying them need to be recorded and reported to authorities. In the event local authorities are not interested in ‘getting involved,’ send pictures to Fox News.

Predicated upon the radical positions Barack Obama has taken supporting “infanticide” and gun control, pro-life and Second Amendment supporters may want to coordinate their efforts. Specifically, there are more than enough Catholics and pro-gun enthusiasts across America to help ensure skunks do not steal the upcoming presidential election.

It is a sad state of affairs that Obama’s “Corrupt Chicago Machine Politics” are being forced upon the American people.

- John Ross


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