Barack, ACORN to organize your community

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Get organized or get left behind

The recent dig by Sarah Palin at Obama's "community organizing" past brought a quick and pointed response from the Democratic party in his defense and revealed their thin-skin when confronted with any criticism of their candidate no matter how valid or documented.

What it didn't reveal is the shady relationship Obama has maintained over the years with radical and openly "above-the-law" groups from his past.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is the organization Obama both organized for before attending law school and provided legal counsel to after. According to the Wall Street Journal article, ACORN is a radical partisan group using partial funding from the federal government to pressure Wal-Mart and other non-union businesses. Their tax status requires that they be nonpartisan but they are in-fact anything but. They have been involved in voter fraud and other scandals bordering on extortion, intimidation, storming council meetings and other such "community" activities.

There have been convictions related to voter fraud in at least two states and investigations underway in several others. The founder's brother and organization CFO (Dale Rathke) embezzled nearly $1 million from the organization in 1999-2000 timeframe which he and founder brother (Wade Rathke) covered up along with others in the organization. Neither this organization, nor Obama's ties to it, has received appropriate media scrutiny. His ability (like ACORN's) to wrap his radical beliefs and methods in a pleasant non-threatening veneer is misleading and bodes danger for the country if it remains undisclosed. See also this and that and the other. By the way, ACORN is a private corporation and thus doesn't divulge financials, but they and subsidiaries do receive federal funds (at least $2 Million in 2003 in one subsidiary alone). ACORN endorsed, guess who, Obama for President.

In a related circumstance, Sarah Palin was wrongly criticized from some on the left (although not by Obama) for having a Downs Syndrome baby and how that might interfere with her VP duties. Her unmarried seventeen year old daughter's pregnancy to her future husband and intention to keep the child contrasted markedly with Obama's statement that he wouldn't "penalize" his daughter "with a baby" if she found her self similarly pregnant from such a "mistake" (Watch).

This situation is illuminating since Obama spoke at Planned Parenthood during the campaign, praised them for their work, and received their endorsement for President. What else does Planned Parenthood do? They received about $300 Million in Federal Funding in 2005 and used it to perform about 1 out of every 5 US Abortions (See here). Equally important, they refuse to follow the law and report child statutory rape events (here) and are perfectly willing to accept racially motivated donations (watch this) and ( this).

Why doesn't he hold organizations that he is involved in accountable to at least the law of the land?

Why does Barack Obama endorse, encourage, and seek the endorsements of organizations that behave dishonestly? A similar question could be asked about his long term associations with admitted terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted Tony Resko. Why does the Democratic party allow these shady allegiances to prosper?

More importantly, why doesn't the mainstream media ask about these matters. Why won't they tell you about these issues? What else won't they tell you about Barack Obama and his "community"? Is his the kind of "change" you want? Do you want him "organizing" in your community or taking the oath to be your President? Given his history and relations to these organizations, would his oath even mean anything?


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