ACORN voter-fraud now probed in Florida

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Unprecedented national epidemic caused by union-backed ACORN, tied to Barack

Local elections officials are looking into potential election fraud and some of the information is pointing to a Democratic-leaning voter's group.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now, has been registering thousands of new voters for this year's election, but in Seminole County, some voter applications are being withheld until it's proven they're legitimate.

Election fraud is a felony, but first it has to be proven and someone has to be charged. So far, elections officials said they are just beginning to gather clues in this case.

Seminole County's elections supervisor is holding up dozens of voter registration applications because they appear to be fraudulent: wrong addresses, bad signatures and more.

James Stanley of Winter Springs said he was contacted by the elections office, and told his date of birth and Social Security number were wrong on his form.

He never filed this paperwork, and the signature is not his, which makes him worry that he won't get a ballot on Election Day.

"My biggest problem is when I show up to vote I want to make sure that I can cast my vote and the problem that I saw is that someone was questioning my validity to be able to cast that vote," voter James Stanley said.

Many of the applications with suspect information were turned-in by the activist group ACORN.


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