Workers repel IUOE, Teamsters by secret-ballot

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Why union bigs want card-check instead of elections

On Friday, Aug. 22, a group of full-time roadway maintenance employees totaling 86, working for ITR Concession Co. LLC (ITRCC), voted no to having Union representation. The final vote, tallied under the direction of the NLRB – a federal agency overseeing private sector labor-management relations – resulted in a majority voting against union representation.

The election was held at five work sites along the Toll Road. NLRB representatives counted the ballots today and reported the results to ITRCC representatives and union observers. A petition seeking an election was filed with the NLRB by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 on July 10, and by Teamsters Local Nos. 364 and 135 shortly after.

ITRCC respects the choice made by its employees in this secret ballot election. The company intends to continue to build on the relationships that have developed during the first two years of operations.

Further, ITRCC will continue with its long-term plans to ensure the traveling public has the best possible driving experience on the Indiana Toll Road.


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