Unions can't hide behind news editors

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Tree-killers run card-check ads

It appears that anti-union activists are upping the ante to discredit the labor movement.

Recent full-page ads running in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal target unions as the cause for job losses in the steel, airline and auto industries. An ad in Thursday's New York Times features a photo of a padlocked gate with a "closed" sign under the lock. "The New Union Label," the ad reads. "Like what union leaders did to steel, airline and auto industry jobs? Then you'll love what they do to yours." TV ads have also been running in several states.

The ads are products of UnionFacts.com, which seeks to dispel the effectiveness of unions on its Web site. The ads are, in part, a response to legislation that would replace secret ballots with signed cards as a recruitment method. The Employee Free Choice Act, also known as card-check legislation, has gained support from a large number of House and Senate members. The nursing-home industry has been grappling with the growing influence of The Service Employees Union at facilities in recent years.


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