Teachers nix fact-finder, go out on strike

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Labor-states lead the nation in teacher strikes

Tuscarora (PA) School District teachers are officially on strike and there will be no school in session for the foreseeable future.

District Solicitor Carl Beard confirmed Saturday that the teachers have given written notice to School Superintendent Rebecca Erb that they are striking. The district and the teachers union could not agree on a teachers' contract for 2008-2009. A fact finder was called in, and the school board voted twice to accept the fact-finder's report. The teachers voted twice not to accept it.

The primary issues are health insurance (how much of a percentage the teachers have to pay) and salary concerns.

There will be a picket line on Tuesday morning at the high school, middle school and two elementary schools, though which two elementary schools have not been decided.

No new negotiating sessions between the district and the teacher's union have been scheduled as of this posting.


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