Workers use secret-ballot vote to reject union

Arab, Alabama workers show why Dems demand card-check

Employees at Hyco-Arab, by a 20-vote margin, elected to remain union-free Wednesday. Representatives for The National Labor Relations Board were in Arab (AL) Wednesday to conduct the election, in which employees turned down unionizing the company 65-45. The NLRB is expected to certify the vote within seven days. Art Zimmerman, manager of the Arab plant, said he is happy with the results. "We have good people working here at Hyco," he said. "Now we can move on with the business of satisfying our customers."

Hyco employees build hydraulic cylinders, and about 120 of the workers were eligible to vote on the union issue.

Management, engineering and clerical employees were not eligible to join a union.

Some employees blamed the election results on "Hyco's anti-union consultants that were hired to fight us."

Flyers from the company urged a "no" vote.

"Join with us and stand together so that we and our families might have a more promising future at Hyco," the flyer read. "It's about us and our families and having a real voice in our future at Hyco.

Hyco owns six plants, two in Germany, one in Brazil, two in Canada and one in Arab. All are unionized except one in Canada and one in Arab.


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