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Revenge v. TABOR author best served cold

Rep. Douglas Bruce said Monday that accusations of sexual harassment leveled at him - accusations dismissed for lack of evidence - were part of a conspiracy against him. Bruce said he received a letter Friday from Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff stating there was nothing to support the harassment charge made against him late in the session.

Romanoff, D-Denver, declined to comment Monday. Legislative rules on sexual harassment policy don't allow officals to confirm or deny such allegations.

While pleased with the outcome of a 2 1/2-month investigation, Bruce questioned the timing of its conclusion - a week after early voting began in his legislative primary race. He referred to his unidentified accuser as a "vicious lobbyist for a liberal cause" and wrote that the investigation into her accusations "shows how obsessed liberals are with removing me from office."

"Her claim was just delusional and paranoid, but it was despicable and vicious that the political establishment tried to twist it into something that it wasn't," Bruce said.

He said the woman claimed that he looked at her from a distance of 20 feet and smiled. Bruce said he does not know her.

The investigation occurred as Bruce is being challenged in his Colorado Springs district by political newcomer Mark Waller, whose backers include the two highest-ranking House Republicans. It also came after a session in which Bruce was censured, yanked off a committee and gaveled down on the floor - actions that leaders said were a result of his petulant behavior but that Bruce characterized as an effort to stop him from rocking the boat.

"The effect that (the exoneration) should have is it should cause people to say: 'Yeah, I suspected Bruce was being framed and this house of cards is starting to collapse,' " Bruce said.

House Minority Leader Mike May, R-Parker, declined to comment on the allegations and noted only that Bruce had talked about them publicly.

"If there's a conspiracy, there's a conspiracy of one to self-implode," May said.


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