Two-faced ACORN

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I totally agree. I currently work for ACORN, and have personally dealt with condescending attitudes towards me because of my age and the color of my skin. I feel sorry for those who work in the field, risking their lives for a paycheck. The organizers are looked upon as “low-skilled” and ignorant. Unless one has worked for (survived) ACORN for at least 10 years, they are treated with absolutely no respect. This has to stop. The management skills of some the superiors of the organization are absolutely incompetent. They are placed in these positions of power, not because of merit, but because they have allowed themselves to become members of the “cult.” The work atmosphere is very uncomfortable. One would think that after numerous lawsuits for incompetence of supervisors, that this would change. WRONG. Employees are still afraid to ask questions or say the “wrong thing” because of fear of being fired. It is funny how the #1 fan of unions is actually ANTI-UNION when it comes to their employees.

The work dynamic of ACORN reminds me of a “Get Rich Quick” scheme: Organizers are trained and lied to, only to be placed into an office that is drowning in debt. Some have gotten lucky and become successful, while the remaining 98% remain hopeless, drained, and absolutely BROKE. Hopefully Bertha Lewis, the interim director, will turn this whole mess around. Community organizers and other ACORN workers deserve the workplace respect and LIVING WAGES THEY WORK SO HARD FOR OTHERS TO RECEIVE. It is a crying shame that ACORN was run with such hypocracy and disdain for the poor.

Hopefully, there are better days ahead for this organization. Although the management is questionable, there are still workers and volunteers who are dedicated to promoting TRUE SOCIAL JUSTICE in their communities. It is unfortunate that their work has been overshadowed by the ignorance of a small few. I encourage these workers to keep working and fighting for the issues they believe in. ACORN NEEDS MORE LIKE YOU TO SURVIVE.

Although the Wade Rathke have given us all a chance and opportunity to earn a living working for what we believe in, his archaic (and demeaning) way of management is no longer tolerable. Transparency is the key for success in any company. Workers AND MEMBERS do not deserve to be kept in the dark about anything dealing with any issue affecting the organization. A CHANGE IS NEEDED AND THE TIME IS NOW TO DO SO.


- anonymous


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