Oklahoma tunes in to EFCA 'catastrophe'

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Sneak attack against workplace democracy may not go unopposed

Q: What are your goals this year for The State Chamber?

Steve Turnbo, chairman of The Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce: We want to do a better job of explaining our organization and what we do. Many people believe, incorrectly, that we are focused on only two or three issues (lawsuit reform and worker's compensation overhaul), but that is not the case.

We also seek to improve our state by seeking resolution of other issues, including:

We must move Oklahoma to the "top 10" nationally in business tax climate. Taxes matter
to business and high taxes impact the state's ability to attract new business, to maintain existing businesses who seek to grow and expand.

Continue growing the Prosperity Project, which allows businesses, at no cost, to inform their employees (in a purely nonpartisan fashion) about what candidates are running for which offices in order to make informed decisions when they go to polls.

We will oppose a federal issue being pushed by the unions, known as "card check." Organized labor has come up with the Employee Free Choice Act, a law that would eliminate the secret ballot on union votes and deny employees the right to decide whether they wish to join a union or not. This is a catastrophic law for business advocates.

We will continue to seek resolution to the herculean task of closing the gap on affordability and access to health care. Also of grave concern to the State Chamber is the issue of the Oklahoma State University College of Medicine in Tulsa and its affiliation with a teaching hospital.Losing this institution means (long-term) possibly losing physicians in small communities throughout the state.

We strongly advocate creation of a more entrepreneurial environment, where ideas and small businesses can grow and prosper. How? By seeking elimination of rules and regulations that discourage, rather than encourage, starting a business and growing a business.

We believe very strongly in "brain gain," not brain drain for our state. That means keeping our young, bright Oklahomans.


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