Nurses try again to oust unwanted union

Secret-ballot decertification vote set for next month

Nurses at Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar (CA) will vote a second time on whether they want to decertify their union after a judge threw out the first election because of the hospital's intimidating tactics.

The vote on whether to keep the California Nurses Association will be Aug. 27 and 28, said James Small, regional director for Region 21 of the National Labor Relations Board. If the nurses vote to decertify the union at the Wildomar hospital, it would end almost five years of legal disputes between the two sides.

Nurses voted to drop the union affiliation in November 2006 by a 129-101 vote. But the nurses union filed an objection, claiming hospital managers and the consultants they hired violated numerous federal labor laws.

After a six-day hearing, Administrative Law Judge Gerald A. Wachnov agreed.

Small said nurses will be officially reminded about the 2006 election when they vote next month.

"Notices will point out that this election is being conducted as a result of the employer's unfair labor practices and objectionable conduct," Small said. "It will be on the notice, and the employees will be able to draw their own conclusions."

The hearing on the 2006 election was held late last year in Riverside and Murrieta, and Wachnov, in a decision released in March, upheld most of the union's objections.

They claimed hospital managers and representatives of Yessin & Associates, a Tampa, Fla.-based consulting firm the hospital hired, coerced and intimidated nurses before the vote and, in some instances, conducted surveillance while at work.

Hospital managers also denied nurses the right to wear pro-union logos on their scrubs and unlawfully confiscated CNA literature from nurses, according to federal documents.

Small said the hospital had a right to file an objection to the judge's opinion but did not. The hospital is owned by Universal Health Systems, based in King of Prussia, Pa.

The nurses union first made efforts to unionize the hospital in late 2003. The nurses voted to join CNA by a 129-84 vote in May 2004.

But more than two years later, with the two sides stalemated in efforts to reach a first contract, the nurses voted to decertify.

Neither representatives of the hospital or the union returned calls seeking contact Tuesday.


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Anonymous said...

August 21, 2008

And oust they did. Just seven days before the scheduled election the union's lawyer sent a letter to the NLRB stating that the CNA was withdrawing representation of Inland Valley nurses. Ironic in that the union never represented these nurses. Nurses hadn't seen anyone from CNA there in the past year and hadn't heard from them until last week when union organizers made a round of calls "polling" the nurses on their intended vote in the election. The union couldn't even get in their cars and drive to the hospital to exercise their "legal right" toi ask the question in person. Odd, given the $50 million dollar annual budget taken off the backs of nurses who pay $1000/yr in union dues.

The NLRB representative on the case was quoted by a local reporter as saying, "the union walked away." They didn't walk away, they chose to stay in bed....for a year.

The CNA cost these nurses money by demanding union security and agreeing to sell the nurses out at the table for it. After almost 5years, IVMC nurses are ellated to be free of this rediculous group of misguided socialists in scrub clothes..

Two firsts here, at least in recent history. CNA was decertified, which seems to be a developing trend and then cut and ran a week before the election.

No watch closely as the SEIU launches yet another attempt to bottom feed on CNA's scraps.

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