NLRB smacks down Fi-Core members

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Dissenters forced to shoulder career-threatening burden

The US Government National Labor Relations Board has decided in favor of Los Angeles AFM Local 47 as regards their policy of denying access to Local 47 rehearsal rooms for Local 47 “non-members” who have chosen financial core status, also known as “Beck objector” status.

As first reported in Film Music Magazine in late 2007, financial-core musicians were prohibited from using rehearsal rooms at Local 47. Professional violinist Sai-Ly Acosta who has played for the New Era Scoring financial core orchestra filed a federal unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) after union officials enforced a policy, labeled as “illegal” by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, requiring all musicians to be “in good standing” with the union in order to practice in a union-owned rehearsal facility with an orchestra which is represented by the union under a collective bargaining agreement.

Musicians who choose financial core status pay reduced dues to Local 47 but are allowed to work both union and non-union jobs without the threat of fines or expulsion from Local 47.

The choice by Local 47 to deny access to rehearsal rooms to financial core musicians who still pay Local 47 for services seems destined to divide the community further, and puts contractors and employers in the difficult spot of having to exclude financial core members of orchestras from rehearsals at Local 47, an action that could create employment problems for those musicians.

“I think it’s important to note that this is perhaps not over, and may be weighed by the courts since the board had not enough wisdom to see this for what it is; a labor organization inappropriately with it’s hand in the functions of the employer, and the employer reluctantly with it’s hand in the pocket of the union. Cheap rental space is not free; it comes at a high cost. I remain financial core,” stated John Acosta, husband of musician Sai-Ly Acosta.

Industry sources indicate that a federal lawsuit against Local 47 in this matter may be forthcoming.


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