Landrieu's damaging anti-democratic proposal

Employer warns of jobletting

The “Employee Free Choice Act” is the newest serious threat to America’s economy and business environment. I’m concerned why one of our own Louisiana elected officials — U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu — is helping push this legislation by co-sponsoring it. It seeks to unfairly and dramatically tip the odds in big labor’s favor by “streamlining” the workplace unionization process.

When a workplace is considered for unionization, a crude “card check” method — the collection of a certain number of signatures — would suffice for unionization. This would end the current private ballot election process that is used. Because this method makes it so much easier for labor officials and peers to cajole and intimidate employee votes, unions win far more often than they ever would in real elections.

The subsequent nationwide explosion in union membership and revenue would result in a serious economic slowdown. Baton Rouge, let’s stop this and let our senator know our stance.

Charles Henry, contractor, Baton Rouge


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