Insider: SEIU's problems dwarf ACORN's

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Organizer exposes ACORN's backers

I can honestly agree that there has been a sense of inequality amongst organizers up until recent years. I have been an organizer with ACORN for 3 years now and through whatever we have been through I can say I would not want to work anywhere else. I have organized for SEIU and other labor and community organizations. ACORN has the least of problems comparably.

Thank you imACORNc for answering most of the issues posted.

You complain about walking in dangerous neighborhoods alone? Come on. Honestly. So may be for a minute you understand what it’s like for our membership to walk home alone for just a minute. ACORN organizing is not for everyone. Not everyone can do it. But many of us can and have for years now. Yes, we work long hours, yes we get comparably lower wages, yes we have to work to fundraise for our office. Big deal! I hear so many complaints from staff from my office and other offices that they have to work for this and work for that. Come on people.

So many people pick out every little bad thing from ACORN and never see it for what it has done and can do.

- anonymous, July 23rd, 2008 at 6:46pm


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