FedEx plans for Teamsters strike v. UPS

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In a press release today UPS announced that its approximately 11,000 Teamster-member employees will strike on Friday, Aug. 1. iClick has a close relationship with UPS and uses the company as its primary shipper. Shipping manager of iClick, Tom Doyle, has already arranged for FedEx to commence shipping iClick freight on Monday so as not to disrupt any order deliveries the following week. Here is the press release:


Members of Teamsters Local 705, the second-largest local union in the country with about 11,000 members, authorized July 20 a strike effective Aug. 1.

A strike would send UPS drivers, package handlers and other union employees to the picket lines, leaving thousands of packages in the Chicago area, bordering states and possibly even nationwide undelivered.

Steve Pocztowski, secretary treasurer for the Local 705, which is independent of the national UPS union, said he expects to be on strike Aug. 1. He said his group gave UPS a proposal June 9, and UPS has done nothing to make a deal. The strike vote was nearly 93 percent in favor.

Pocztowski said UPS came back to them offering half the amount of a raise and less in pension contributions that the national UPS union received in their contract signed in October.

Norman Black, spokesperson for UPS in Atlanta, said he expects it to be business as usual at the beginning of August.

“We are absolutely confident that we will negotiate a deal that is good for the company, our employees and our customers,” Black said.

UPS hubs in Illinois include locations in Addison, Bedford Park, Chicago, Decatur, Franklin Park, Hodgkins, Northbrook, Palatine, Rockford and Rock Falls.

Pocztowski said if union members strike Aug. 1, he will extend an offer to other major hubs to join in on the strike, including New York, New Jersey, Boston and Los Angeles.



Anonymous said...

It is actually FRIDAY Aug. 1st, when the scheduled strike is to be held.

Silence Dogood said...

Thanks for the correction!

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