Collective bargaining ads air on TV

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Unions want to see your secret-ballot

There are two ads that have run on local television stations, about changes to union organizations. They focus on the private ballot issue, and tell people to keep the privacy option. Voting in the open is also called card check neutrality. The issue is over the Employee Free Choice Act, or EFCA, proposed federal legislation that stalled last year in the Senate. The ads are sponsored and paid for by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace. The Duluth Chamber is part of the coalition.

Andy Peterson, public policy director at the Chamber, said that keeping union organizing voting private is very important.

AFSCME Council 5 leadership says the Employee Free Choice Act is not about private voting. Eric Lehto said it's about making it easier to form a union, and that card check neutrality is not mandated.

One of the ads focuses on Senator Norm Coleman and Senate candidate Al Franken. The EFCA legislation stalled in the Senate last year. Coleman does not support EFCA, Franken does.


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